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Our Kitchen

A plot is like the nucleus of a screenplay. So where do you think the nucleus of your tasty blasts lies? It’s Our Kitchen. Here we bring home to you, we blend culture for you. It’s clean, safely maintained, and the birthplace of all your mouth-watering dishes. While hygiene is our top priority we are too damn serious about taste. Here every foodie WIN!

Premium Ingredients

Kacchi Biriyani

The taste of Mughal Empire with traditional touch. Our Kacchi has it’s unique puran Dhakaiya flavour. It’s a non-optional choice for any foodie. Saffron treated potato and baby goat’s premium mixed mutton will worth your every mouthful share ❤

Premium Ingredients

Morog Polaw

You like it less spicy but taste is something you can’t compromise! Our mouth watering Morog Polaw will leave you no other choice. You’ll have it, love it. Fresh chicken roast with onion gravy and a decent flavoured rice dish..WOW! Who says no to this?

Premium Ingredients

bihari Kabab

This is a truly melt in mouth kind of kabab !! Though Sheekh kababs are authentically made with mince meat but in Bangladesh sheekh kababs are made of thin pieces of beef,skewered in large Sheekh or metal skewer and those spicy pieces of heaven would just melt in your mouth !! Bangladeshi residing Biharis played a vital role in the country’s kabab industry .. Most of the kababs are inspired and introduced by these Biharis !!!! No wonder , that’s the reason , the authentic Behari kabab tastes exactly like our version of Sheekh kabab !!